About me

Kazakh-Russian artist Aida Emelyanova will be bringing her sensual and stylized exhibition ‘I Do Whatever You Animals Do’ to Mayfair’s Hus Gallery from 7th – 14th September. Following her controversialshow ‘Fate and Fortune’, ‘I Do Whatever You Animals Do’ will captivate audiences with a stunning look into tableaus depicting women as animals in a surreal world.

‘I Do Whatever You Animals Do’ is inspired by the role reversal of humans and animals. In 13 distinct pieces, Aida utilises the connection between two parallel worlds full of paradoxes and dilemmas and asks‘who is more human?’

“In the animal kingdom you can come across some of the most heart-breaking and touching scenes which affect humans to the core,” begins Aida, “I wanted to show that humans can learn so much fromanimals on humanity and humility. In our hearts we aren’t that different from the animals we hunt.”

As the producer, director and protagonist of the photos, audiences will see Aida transformed into the role of various animals – raw and untouched. Every image depicts a scene from Aida’s internal monologue;every image is like a movie with complex and imaginary stories. Every photograph has a past, a future and an end; Aida also incorporates desire, beauty, complexity, fashion and lust into her stories.

Having graduated from Chelsea College of Art with a degree in Fine Art, Aida has focused her work on the world around her while also channelling her memories as a young girl and challenging our perceptions of reality. With an emphasis on crossing the line between normalcy and insanity, Aida hopes to channel feelings of loneliness, suffering, ecstasy and madness in her work.


On her return to Mayfair, Aida states: “I’m very excited to bring my work back to Mayfair with the hopes of inspiring art lovers with my thought-provoking images. This show will bring together my love ofsurrealism, politics and sensuality.”

This will be Aida’s second solo-exhibition following her previous showcase ‘Fate/Fortune’ at 99 Mount Street in 2012. Fate/Fortune showcased Aida as an icon in art that reimagined traditional Tarot representations bridging her art between tableaus and performance art. Aida has also exhibited in the Chelsea College of Art and Design Degree Show (2011), ‘Air Gallery’ at Dover Street London (2010) and “I Want to Go Back Where There Is More to Life than You” (2010).

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